Our Vehicle Introductions

Vehicle Introductions

First of all, I work on our vehicles myself to save some money so here are the vehicle introductions. I will share experiences purchasing vehicles and ongoing maintenance on both vehicles. As my memory is a little unreliable at times, so I will be noting my past experiences as accurately as possible. So let’s get introduced!

2010 Ford Escape

My wife primarily drives the 2010 Ford Escape she purchased back in 2010 for about $30,000. It is gray with black leather seats, 4-cylinder front-wheel drive with Microsoft SYNC. I can’t share my experience buying this vehicle because I wasn’t there, but will post the ongoing maintenance projects.

2015 Toyota Highlander

I primarily drive the 2015 Toyota Highlander we purchased in 2014 for about $50,000. It is blue with gray leather seats, all-wheel drive, V6, with the technology and towing packages. We ordered this car from the factory and chose every single options to make sure we got exactly what we needed.

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